Congratulations to the 29 pupils who passed their driving test in 2013 with Bin-The-L-Plates. Of the pupils that passed their test, 62% did so at their first attempt.
Another good year for learner drivers who decided to choose Bin-The-L-Plates for their driving tuition in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and North Staffordshire.
A large number of driving instructors don’t like to reveal their pass rates, but if I get asked I’m more than happy to pass on the information.
Realistically the pass rate percentage will change dependent upon each individual pupils achievements. Over the course of the year it just takes a couple of pupils who struggle to cope with their nerves on test and it can have a big effect on the overall pass rate percentage.
I have never turned away a pupil to protect my pass rate percentages, everyone deserves to be treated equally and with dedication they can go on to achieve success and pass their driving test.

So here’s the statistics……

During 2013 there were 55 tests, with the overall pass rate of 53%. 29 of the test resulted in a pass of which 62% were a first time pass.
This compares favourably to the test centre pass rates of around 34%.
Congratulations to everyone who passed their driving test in 2013.