Latest News ……. Return to Work Date

Following the announcement by the Government on Thursday and confirmation from the DVSA, I will be restarting tuition on Monday 6th July.

It is great to be able to get the go ahead and get back to teaching, and with the correct safety measures in place we’ll be making the tuition vehicle as safe as possible.

The online diary is now open for everyone to book lessons, and after such a long break it’ll be great for pupils to get behind the wheel and driving again.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience over the last few difficult months.

Bin-The-L-PLates has been in operation for 14 years offering a mix of driving lessons and intensive driving courses in the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme area. The name was born from the dream that all provisional licence holders have….. to Bin The L Plates and gain a full driving licence and enjoy the freedom that achieving that dream brings. Since the launch the company has experienced substantial success for the many drivers who have chosen to use our services with many pupils leaving positive feedback and reviews.

Why Chose Bin-The-L-Plates ?

As a fully qualified driving instructor we submit to a DBS Record Check and display a green badge in the tuition vehicle. This proves we have successfully completed suitable training to teach people to drive and passed the DVSA examinations to qualify to teach. Some driving schools place learners with a trainee instructor who display a pink DVSA badge and still charge full lesson rates without revealing that the instructor isn’t fully qualified. You demand the best possible driving tuition and at Bin-The-L-Plates you can be assured that this will be delivered.

Your instructor has been assessed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as a Grade A Instructor, giving you the reassurance that you have chosen the best possible instructor.

At Bin-The-L-Plates we are all always working hard to make the tuition better than anyone else and strive to exceed your expections at every opportunity. With years of experience, and a pleasant and non-judgmental style of instruction which engages with the pupil, the daunting prospect of learning to drive is eliminated.

For many new drivers the prospect of learning to drive can be a nervous or traumatic experience and at Bin-The-L-Plates we believe the more you relax and enjoy the lessons, the more you can learn. If you enjoy your lessons you’ll build up your confidence and your driving skills more quickly.

At Bin-The-L-Plates there is a Driving Lesson Money Back Guarantee that your instructor will never shout at you. You can be assured that you will be treated with respect and any mistakes that you make will be assessed in a non-judgmental way, progress is made through helping the pupil assess any mistakes and guiding them to achieve their lesson goals.

Manual Tuition Vehicle for 2020

BMW 116d M Sport
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Automatic Tuition Vehicle for 2020

VW Scirocco 2.0L TDI Bluemotion GT Tech DSG
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The Latest Pupil to Bin-The-L-Plates

Chris - February 2020

Congratulations to Chris passing his driving test in the VW automatic car, at the first attempt.

Well done again and enjoy your driving.

Another pupil to ……. Bin-The-L-Plates

” I am severely hard of hearing 15% hearing in both ears and past first time after 9 x2 hour lesson’s with Clive. Clive has been my 5th driving instructor I have had my I had my first lesson way back in 1996 as found it very difficult due to my hearing when I was a lot younger. But finally passed with Clive’s friendly attitude! I recommend Clive very highly! A++++++++. “

Reviews From Recent Test Successes

It’s fantastic when a pupil passes their driving test, and it’s great when they like to leave feedback about their journey to full licence holder.

Each pupil has their own story to tell about why they wanted to learn to drive, how they found they the learning process and how learning to drive will make a difference to their lives.

Most start off nervous, but as they progress they grow in confidence and they develop into safe drivers.
It’s nice to share some of the kind comments left by some of my pupils, hopefully you find them interesting and inspiring if you’re looking for a driving instructor to help you on your journey.

” Clive is a fantastic instructor, I was a nervous driver but he always put me at ease. He is excellent at explaining things and very down to earth. I passed my test in relatively few lessons and I am very grateful for the tuition that he has given me. “
” Passed my test first time with Clive, I’ve had 2 previous driving instructors before Clive and I felt uncomfortable and didn’t dare ask a question of how to do things. As soon as I did my first half an hour with Clive I felt at ease and knew that I didn’t have to worry if I made a mistake or asked a question. I learnt so much more about driving and cars in my week with Clive than I ever have with another instructor. Can’t thank him enough for getting me through my test, nothing is too much trouble and everything is explained properly and made as simple as possible. Great instructor will definitely recommend to everyone I know who wants driving lessons!! “
” I never thought I would learn to drive; I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and had always convinced myself that driving wouldn’t make a difference to my life and I could do what I wanted and needed to without.
At 36, I found myself in a position where I wasn’t particularly ready to learn but I was marginally willing! A quick internet search for local instructors happy to teach anxious learners led me to Clive at ‘Bin The L Plates’.
Clive put me at ease from my first lesson; he persistently encouraged me and made me laugh week on week, he made me accepting of my mistakes and taught me to be first and foremost a safe and sensible driver.
I cannot recommend Clive enough – if you are looking for a straight forward, fair instructor who is able to put the seemingly unachievable in easy reach – he is definitely the one for you!
Thank you Clive for your miracle working, patience and teaching – I appreciate it more than you can ever know. “
” I cannot thank Clive enough for getting me test ready and passed! He is a brilliant instructor, has the patience of a saint and is the most calm man I’ve ever met! Nothing is to much trouble for him! I was terrified of round abouts and hill starts and now I feel calm as anything on them! He will boost your confidence that much! I cannot recomend him enough! Trust me! Book with him. You won’t regret it! If Clive got me through it anyone can do it! “
” Quality instructor, would advise everyone to go with him, it might cost a little bit more than the average instructor but its worth every penny.

I have had previous instructors that shouted and were no where near to the standard Clive is.

Passed in 10 lessons, highly recommended. “

” I passed my test today, all thanks to Clive and his patience, putting me at ease and helping me through everything and getting me where I am today, I would highly recommend Clive to anyone thank you so much. ” !!
” Clive, a friendly and great down to earth guy.
I was really nervous about starting my car lessons but within minutes I was made to feel at ease. Clive is calm, collected and very thorough with his instructions and advisories, he’s more than happy to go over things again and again if requested.
I was worried about transitioning from 2 wheels (motorbike) to 4 wheels because of the maneuvers, Clive makes these so easy with his simple tips/tricks on each one, very clever.
Because of the above I passed first time after only 7 lessons (14 hours)!
I would recommend Clive and Bin-The-L-Plates to everyone.
His VW Scirocco Auto is a lovely car to drive.
Once again, thanks Clive. Top Man ??. “
” I can’t thank Clive enough for helping me to pass my driving test. As a person who sufferers with severe lack of confidence and anxiety I was very worried about finding a calm and understanding driving instructor and I’m so happy I found Clive.
He is a very calm person who explains things in an easy and understandable manor, he doesn’t shout or scream and if you make a mistake he allows you to learn from it so you know how to correct it and not do it again.
I was under a tight time scale to get my licence and Clive helped me to achieve my goal.
Learning to drive will literally change my life so I can’t thank him enough.
I would recommend Clive 110% a great guy and I will miss our lessons together. “
” Clive is both the best driving instructor and friend that you can have. He is very calm, respectful, positive, wise and a great professional. His driving school website will contain all the answers to your concerns/questions that you may have regarding the make and model of the car that you will use to practice your driving, the costs of your driving lessons, the diary of your driving schedule, and many more information very useful to pass your driving test. It does not matter how confident you are as a first time driver, it does not matter how nervous/unprepared/unsure you are, you can definitely find a solution having an instructor as Clive is. The only way to become a driver is “to practice, to be more decisive, to be attentive, to communicate your thoughts, to ask your questions and to pay attention around you but not overthinking (Clive Copeland)”. Thank you very much Clive for helping me to pass the driving test from the first try, and for accepting such a challenging pupil like I was. “
” As somebody who suffers from anxiety I was initially dreading being stuck in a small space with a complete stranger telling me how to operate a high-speed 1.5 ton hunk of metal.
On the contrary.
Clive’s an absolute diamond.
He’s an excellent tutor, has a great way of explaining manoeuvres and the ins and outs of the car, along with road safety and the like.
He’s relaxed, funny, smart and I’m honoured to have him see me through to passing my driving test and theory.
I see him more as a friend than I do an instructor.

Thankyou for all you’ve done.

Jack. “

” I am severely hard of hearing 15% hearing in both ears and past first time after 9 x2 hour lesson’s with Clive. Clive has been my 5th driving instructor I have had my I had my first lesson way back in 1996 as found it very difficult due to my hearing when I was a lot younger. But finally passed with Clive’s friendly attitude! I recommend Clive very highly! A++++++++. “

Will You Be Next To Write A Review …. ?

Total Drive – Free Pupil App

Pupils can download the free app, Total Drive, and use it to track their lesson progress.
Within the app lesson notes, progress tracker, lesson notification and reminders as well as the useful Reflective Log.
Using the app compliments the lessons and will be updated at the end of each lesson. 


Bin-The-L-Plates Nominated Charity

Bin-The-L-Plates has chosen ‘Speed of Sight‘ as their nominated charity, and all money raised through charitable work will be going directly to Speed of Sight to help in the fantastic work the do.

Speed of Sight is a charity that hosts driving days for disabled adults and children, their families and friends. This helps to inspire self-confidence, social interaction, physical and mental wellbeing throughout the UK at the mant trackdays that are held each year.

Speed of Sight was founded by Mike Newman in 2013. Mike is the fastest blind man on the planet – a multi Guiness World Record Holder, including setting the land speed record for a blind person driving a car at an average speed of 200.5 mph and a truck at a speed of 120.04 mph.
The charity currently own 2 custom built, open top, 2 seater sports cars and 1 off road buggy. All cars are dual controlled and have the unique feature of 2 steering wheels.

Speed of Sight has created a new initiative to raise money and put on more track days for as many individuals as possible, by starting up ‘Pass A Pound‘.

Bin-The-L-Plates will donate £10 for every student who pass their driving test, and hopefully the successful pupil also donate something, even as little as £1 which will go towards costs need for each trackday.
I’m sure pupils will agree that now they have passed their driving test and achieved the freedom to drive themselves, a small donation will help others receive the magical gift of driving.
Donations will be done using a text donation when we take their celebratory driving test photo, and will be posted on to social media to share in their success.