An eventful day today……..
Unfortunately my pupil ran over a cat that ran out in the road today on her lesson.
It was unavoidable in that the poor cat was being chased by two other cats and it just ran straight out of a driveway under the front offside wheel. ‘Luckily’ it was a quick death and almost instant for the poor cat, and I’m sure it didn’t suffer.
My pupil, although a little upset, wanted to continue her lesson and drove very well afterwards when her concentration could have been effected.
It formed an opportunity to discuss our responsibilities after an accident of this nature and we recapped issues covered when we did the emergency stop tuition, such as swerving and over-reacting.
Unfortunately the owners were out, so I left a note explaining what had happened and moved the cat to a safe place.
Oddly its the first time in 30 years of driving to run something over, and as a pet owner left a little sad by it all.