Even the best and newest car has the potential to have a mechanical problem, but are you prepared for it when it happens?

My pupil learned how to change a tyre on his lesson today, because my developed a temporary problem that we were able to fix at the road side.

The car suddenly developed a nasty grinding noise, which turned out to be a bit of grit between brake pad/disk on the front nearside wheel.

Luckily we were able to pull off the road to somewhere safe plot our next move, and investigate the reason for the noise.

We could have called out the breakdown services but decided check what the problem was first.

At least I was prepared for the investigation ….. disposable gloves/hand wipes/high viz/torch/proper tyre wrench.

My pupil commented that he’s going shopping for these bits and pieces tomorrow and knowing how change a wheel isn’t as difficult as he’d first assumed.