Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that get regularly asked.

If you have a question that cannot be answered by looking through the site the please use the contact page to get in touch.

Don’t be afraid to ask a question, remember there is no such thing as stupid question………

Q. Where can I get picked up from for my lesson ?

You can get picked up from home, work or any convenient place.
So long as I know well before the lesson, then I can be flexible as to the pick up place.
Again, you can be dropped off at the the same place or somewhere different so long as I know, and it is convenient.
Common sense dictates that I am not a ‘taxi service’, and I hope that this approach to lessons is not abused.

Q. Will I get a full hour of tuition ?

You will get the full allocated time, and in reality the lesson may over run by a few minutes.
Added time is scheduled to complete the lesson debrief, plan your next lesson and complete the pupil records.
If the lesson is cut short for any reason then time can be added to the next lesson to make up for any shortfall.

Q. Will I have to share the car or lesson with another pupil ?

All tuition is on a one to one basis.

Q. Can you help me with my Theory / Hazard Perception studying ?

If you are stuggling with any aspect of the Theory Test then help and advice will always be offered.

Q. Who books the Theory and Practical Tests ?

Usually the pupil books the Theory Test themselves, however I can of course book the test if required.
The Driving Test should only be booked when the pupil is ready to sit the test.
It is best to take advice from your Instructor as to when is the best time to book the Driving Test, who can book the test for you. You will need the following information to hand so that you can book the test; Driving Licence, Theory Test Certificate and your Instructors ADI number.
If you choose to take a course, then the cost of the Driving Test is included, and it is preferable for your instructor to book the test.

Q. I’m really nervous, can you help me to learn to drive ?

Yes, of course.
The majority of people are usually nervous about learning to drive for the first time, it is natural to be apprehensive about trying something for the first time.
A lot of pupils have commented how relaxed they are learning to drive with me, compared to previous instructors.
Hopefully learning to drive will be fun and stress free, and begin to enjoy your lessons.

Q. I have an International Permit ?

If your driving permit was issued outside of the EEA you will need to check with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to determine if your licence is valid in the UK.
If you need to take the UK Driving Test then I can help you preparing for the Theory Test as well as reaching the standard needed to take the test.
I have taught a number of pupils from a variety of countries who have had to upgrade to a UK Licence, including; America, China, Ivory Coast, Poland, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

Q. I work a shift pattern, can I schedule lessons around my shifts ?

Although they may be harder to schedule if you don’t plan your lessons well in advance.
I need to be able to plan my diary, so I would need to know your work schedule, and plan lessons weeks ahead.
You might consider doing one of the intensive courses fitting it around a planned holiday.

Q. Do I get the same instructor for each lesson ?

Unlike other large driving schools, you will only have lessons from myself.
This ensures the continuity of your training, and use of the same training vehicle.

Q. Do lessons cost more at weekends or evenings ?

You get the same high quality of tuition during the week, as well as, the traditionally busy time slots at weekend and after work.
To charge extra for these lesson times would be unfair, so I don’t.

Q. How many lessons will I need ?

This is a popular question, and the hardest to give an accurate answer to.
Each pupil will learn at a different rate, and to give a definitive answer could be misleading.
The DVSA advises that an average of 45 hours of tuition from a driving instructor as well some private practice would be the amount of time needed to reach test standard.

Q. What do I do if I need to cancel a lesson ?

If you need to cancel a planned lesson then I need to be informed as soon as possible.
I can be contacted by mobile phone, text or e-mail.
Lessons can be aletered using the Online Pupil Diary.
It is common practice within the industry to charge a cancellation fee if the time slot cannot be rescheduled.
I realise that pupils may have to cancel a lesson for a variety of reasons, such as work commitments or illness, and often these circumstances are beyond their control.
I believe an automatic cancellation fee can be unfair, and I would not normally charge for a canceling a lesson.
However I reserve the right to charge half the lesson fee, if I believed the privilege was being abused, or I turn up as scheduled only for the pupil not be able to take their lesson.

Q. Do you smoke in the car ?

I do not smoke and have never allowed pupils to smoke in the car, so it is a ‘smoke free zone’.
Legislation now makes it a legal requirement that all driving instructors tuition vehicles to be smoke free.

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