Recording Driving Lessons

See your faults in the car, and learn from them……….

Using modern High Definition In-Car cameras to record driving lessons, the footage can be played back instantly and the driving of the pupil can be assessed and improvements discussed.

Real time fault analysis including vehicle speed and GPS tracking using Google Earth Mapping with playback via an iPad.
Video files can be saved and emailed to the pupil for further analysis.

The DVSA now allows the recording of Driving Tests for insurance purposes so long as no sound is being recorded.
This is now a great benefit in that the driving test can be reviewed back and faults identified and so corrected for future tests.

The cameras are particularily useful for helping the pupil visualise their driving.

  • Saves time analysing and correcting driving faults
  • Visual Informaation is easier to remember
  • Leaner is less likely to repeat the fault
  • More efficient use of the lesson time, which over time can save money

An example of video from a recent driving lesson.

The pupil was at the early stages of their training.

After watchin this particular incident we were able to review the footage back and discuss what had happened, how the pupil could improve the situation and what actions did they need to take to impliment the improvements.

  • How their driving could change to prevent a similar situation happening again
  • What else might have happened and how would they react differently
  • Using Hazard Perception techniques to predict similar situations in the future
  • More efficient use of the lesson time, which over time can save money