Online Pupil Diary

A feature for new or existing pupils where they can book, manage or change their driving lessons online.

Once you have signed-up for the service, you can log in securely using your emaail and password, you will be able to manage your lesson bookings.

The diary can be accessed using your PC, Tablet or Smartphone, which means you will always be able to check or manage your lessons.

Pupils using the online diary can check availability and book lessons to suit their own individual schedules.

All your details will remain hidden from other users and only your lessons are available for you to view.
Once you have created or amended a lesson you will be reminded by email and text to your mobile phone 24hrs before your appointment.
This will give you time to manage and make any changes to your lesson should you need to alter your appointment.

Only free space is available to be booked and the shaded areas in the calendar view have been booked by other pupils or are times that are unavailable.
The diary forces a minimum 60 mins between driving lessons.

Lessons can be booked in 30 minutes time increments starting with a 60 minute lesson.

Book a Lesson



If this is the first time that you have used the Online Pupil Diary, you will be asked to create a new account.
Enter your details to create a new acount, after which you will be able to access the diary with your chosen log in details.

After you have successfully logged in to the online Pupil Diary you will then be able to create, make alterations or delete lessons.
The diary works on PC, Tablet or Smartphones and can be veiwd as either a webpage or desktop format.
If you need to make alterations to your details such as new mobile number, these can be changed using the settings icon at the top of the page.

The Page Header shows your log in email and settings icon which youcan use to make alterations to your personal details.
The Bin-The-L-Plates Logo can be used to return to the main site.
The link to the Instruction Page forwards you to this page.

After logging in to the Diary you can view available space as well as the lessons that you have in the diary.

You are only able to view your own schedule, and lessons booked by other pupils only show the time allocate and no personal details.

To book a lesson into the diary, find the day and time you would like to schedule, and click on the start time.
If the details are correct, click on ‘Create Lesson’ and your lesson will be added to the diary.
Free space is shown in white, in 30 minute sections and booked lessons are in blue.

If you select a date or time that is already booked or outside normal working hours, you will have the following error message.
Select a different day or time to and if the details are correct, click on ‘Create Lesson’ and your lesson will be added to the diary.

If you need to amend your lesson, select your lesson in the diary and make the required alterations.
To confirm the changes click ‘Update Lesson’.
If you need to delete your lesson, select your lesson in the diary and click ‘Delete Lesson’ to remove the lesson from the diary.