What is Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers. It’s aim is to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver.

Being a safer driver is recognised by the insurance industry and completion of Pass Plus can lead to insurance discounts.

The scheme has been designed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries, to develop your skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

Pass Plus is more than just ‘a few extra lessons’, it will enforce ‘Positive Driving’ and the benefits of ‘Defensive Driving’.

Passing your driving test has shown that you are able to drive unsupervised, but as a newly qualified driver you’re much more vulnerable than you think.

Statistics show new drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their test than at any other time of their driving career.

The main factor is simply lack of experience.

Pass Plus will give you professional additional training, reinforcing ‘Safe Driving for Life’.

  • Enabling you to gain extra quality driving experience safely.
  • Helps you become a more skillful driver.
  • Teaches you how to develop a Defensive Driving style.
  • Reducing your risk of being involved in a road crash.
  • Saving you money on your car insurance premiums.
Following a study into the positive effect of Pass Plus, it was found that prior to its introduction the accident rate in the 17-20 year old drivers were to blame was 69%.

After Pass Plus was introduced in 2002 they were to blame for 41% of accidents, a reduction of 28%.

Young Drivers : The High Risk Years

Although a video from America, the message is still the same.

The Course

Pass Plus consists of a minimum of six hours training.

There is no test at the end, instead you will be assessed throughout to determine if you reach the required standard.

The course comprises of the following six modules.

  • Introduction & Town Driving.
  • All Weather Driving.
  • Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads.
  • Night Driving.
  • Dual Carriageways.
  • Motorways.

Each module will be assessed, and you will be graded according to you either achieving (A) or exceeding (E) a competence in that module.

The modules will not take the same amount of time to complete, however the course must consist of a minimum of six hours tuition.
Five and a half hours of which are practical in-car driving sessions.
All six modules must be practical sessions where possible, a theory session will only be carried out where the weather, road or traffic conditions or the geographical situation means that a module can’t be covered in practice.
The maximum level you can reach in a theory module is achieved (A).


The Cost

Pass Plus

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