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Semi Intensive Driving Course


Semi Intensive Driving Course



The Semi Intensive course similar to the One Week Intensive course.
This course differs to the One Week Intensive in that the driving tuition is spread over 2 or 3 weeks to suit the learners schedule.

This is the most popular and successful form of Intensive Driver Training, and is designed for learners who want to learn quickly but at a more comfortable pace.
Lessons are typically scheduled over two or three weeks, and timing of the lessons can more flexible.
The Semi Intensive Course gives the pupil time to relax and reflect on each day’s lesson, and study the puopil notes and lesson handouts given during the lessons

You will need to have passed your Theory Test well in advance of the start date of the course.
For the course to be effective we book the driving test, we then schedule lessons based on the driving test date.

The driving tuition provided is 32 hours, and includes a Driving Test Fee.