Learning to Drive

For many people learning to drive is a big decision and the motivation to drive can be for a variety of reasons.

People are often nervous about starting to learn to drive and are afraid of making mistakes.
Concentrating on why you have chosen to learn to drive can be the moitivation to inspire you to acheive your dreams.

  • Fed up of walking everywhere
  • Taxi’s too expensive, unreliable or even unsafe
  • Been let down by public transport and fed up of waiting for buses in bad weather
  • Need a Driving Licence to commute to work, college or university
  • Want to stop relying on family or friends for lifts

Your Driving Lesson

Driving lessons are unique to each learner driver and at Bin-The-L-PLates we appreciate that no two learner drivers are the same.
How often you want lessons, and at what time of day is matched up to the individual.

You can either take regular weekly lessons or choose to opt for an intensive course to take less time.

Weekly lessons can be taken in a number of ways, and the lesson time is usually based on two hour time slots.
Why two hour time slots …….?
This is the most efficient way to learn to drive and the number of two hour time slots taken in a week is up to the learner.
One hour lessons may appear attractive, but will ultimately cost more in the long run as it takes much longer to retain all the skills learned from one week to the next. This doesn’t mean to say that one hour lessons are unavailable, it is youir driving lesson and you dictate the rate of learning.

Lessons will be for the full allocated time slot, with additional time added on at the end of the lesson to complete comprehensive progress records.
Each lesson is planned and structured to ensure that the time in the training car is used efficiently.
The debrief at the end of the lesson ensures that progress is monitored and highlights any areas that require additional attention at the next lesson.
We also agree a plan for the next lesson, and set targets for any home study that needs to be done.

  • Lessons are available during the daytime, evenings or weekends
  • Lesson’s are always on a one-to-one basis
  • Learn in a relaxed atmosphere and build your confidence in your ability
  • Learn in a specially adapted modern car with dual controls
  • Lessons for all abilities including beginner, part trained or refresher lessons
  • Post test training with Pass Plus Course
  • Help and advice on the Theory and Hazard Perception Test