Theory Test

We can offer as much assistance as you need to help you pass the Theory Test, hopefully at the first attempt.

You don’t need to have passed the Theory Test before you start your lessons with Bin-The-L-Plates, but you will need to have passed it before you wish to apply for the Practical Driving Test.
It can be a good idea to learn for the Theory Test while taking your driving lessons, this means that you can apply what you are studying while learning the practical skills needed.
The most important part is making a start at the theory study, there is a lot to learn and often learner drivers leave it until the last minute to make a start, often when they are very close to Driving Test standard.

The Theory Test is in two parts, both parts need to be passed for you to be successful.

Theory Test Questions

Whe you take the Theory Test you will be asked 50 multiple choice questions on a touch a screen computer, and you need to select the correct answer(s) by tapping on your choisen answer on the screen.
The Theory Test pass mark for the question sectoion is 43 out of 50 (86%).
When the questions have been answered the next stage will start.

Hazard Perception Videos

The Hazard Test has 14 video clips with a total of 15 scoring hazards.
These are called described as ‘developing hazards’ that you as a drive would need you to take some kind of action.
Using the computer mouse, you click when you see the hazard, the sooner you click the more points are available in the scoring window for that hazard.
There are a maximum of 5 points for each hazard, and a maximum of 75 points available.
The pass mark for this section is 44 points.

Free Theory App

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Bin-The-L-Plates

Official Guide – Theory Test

Booking Your Theory Test

This can be done online at the official DVSA website.

Be careful when booking your Theory Test as a number of websites will try to charge you a booking fee, only use the DSA website to avoid being over charged.

The cost of the Theory Test is £23. If you are being asked to pay more you may not be using the official website and using a booking agent.

Alternatively, you can telephone the DVSA (0300 200 1122) if you need to book additional services such as you need the test translated into another language other than English, you are deaf or have problems reading.

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