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Driving tuition in Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme

Established in 2003, Bin-The-L-Plates offer a variety of driving lessons and driving courses for clients based in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding area. As an independent DVSA Approved Driving Instructor I’m able to structure the driving lessons to your individual needs. timescales and budgets, something the national and main franchise driving schools are often unable to do.

Whether you are a beginner or an advance driver, we can help.

Why Chose Automatic .... ?

Why not ? might be a good answer when faced the decision to chose manual or automatic tuition.

Don’t be influenced by peer pressure or traditional ways of learning to drive.

Whilst it’s true that most people will chose to learn to drive in a manual car it doesn’t suit everyone, so it’s important to make the right choice for you.
Whether you have poor co-ordination skills (Dyspraxia, Aspergers), short term memory problems or need reassurance what gear you’re in (Dyslexia) or even a mobility problem that means a manual car might be difficult……. the automatic option is the way forward.

Who needs the hassle of having to change gear?

Automatic cars aren’t just for older or disabled drivers, just ask anyone who’s driven a semi-automatic super car, like a Ferrari or an EV such as a Tesla. 
Yes, they can make driving easier for people with specific needs but they can as much fun, if not more so, than a manual car.

The stigma attached to admitting to driving an automatic car has long since passed.

  • Automatic driving lessons are becoming more popular.
  • Automatic cars don’t stall or roll back on hills, so avoiding all those problems that can become a barrier to learning to drive.
  • Clutch control and the dreaded bite point are a thing of the past.
  • No clutch pedal or gear lever to control whilst on the move helps with co-ordination and decreases confusion.
  •  Less time needed to master car control at the start of the learning process.
  • Promotes quicker advancement off skills used to judge speed, steering control and general hazard awareness and traffic skills.
  • Potential to advance to a higher standard of driving skills more quickly. 
  • Better suited to the stop & start nature of town and city driving.
  • Can help with anxiety and an increase in confidence in driving.
  • The future is automatic with the increase availability of EV and Hybrid vehicles.

Making the learning process easy

With so many ways to learn to drive there’s an option for everyone. With encouragement and support to build confidence in driving and acquire the necessary skills to pass your driving test and enforce the ‘Safe  Driving for Life’ habit.

Our range of lessons and courses include:

  • Theory & Hazard Perception Test
  • Weekly, individual lessons
  • Intensive Driving Course
  • Semi-Intensive Driving Course
  • Motorway Tuition
  • Refresher Lessons


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The name Bin-The-L-Plates was born from the dream that all provisional licence holders have … to Bin-The-L-Plates.

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Take control of your lessons, book and manage your driving lessons online using the website diary.
Book lessons to match your availability and schedule around work, college or free time.
Receive lesson reminders via text and email, and never forget a lesson again.

Driving Lesson App

Total Drive

Lesson notes, progress and payments are all logged using the Total Drive Pupil App.
It’s a free download and is a great way to monitor lesson notes and progress.
Addtional features include Reflective Log, Lesson Schedule and Lesson Payments
Available for Apple or Android.