Why a course ?

In a hurry and want to learn to drive quickly or is that your preferred style of learning a new skill ?
Want to schedule your driving lessons around a time off from work, or a break from college or university ?

For many people there learning style adapts easily to a more intensive style of study rather than the normal weekly style of lessons that stretch over many months rather than a couple of weeks.

Learning on a more intensive basis means tat the new information and skills are still fresh in the mind and the learning process can appear easier.

If this is how you like to learn a new skill then choosing to do a driving courses might be the perfect solution for you.

Which course ?

There are a number of courses available to chose from, and they are all similar, but have a different number of hours built in to the course.

How do they work ?

With all of the courses available there is some diary planning needed, and thought needs to undertaken about scheduling a course.

The wait for a Theory Test and a Driving Test needs to be considered when planning a driving course.
Normally the driving courses would booking a Driving Test before scheduling a start date for the course, obviously the Theory Test must be passed before booked a Driving Test, so planning becomes an integral part of choosing dates.

All of the driving courses include the cost of a Driving Test.

When the course costs are broken down, the hourly rates for just the driving tuition within the courses works out more cost effective than regular weekly lessons. 

Intensive Driving Course

£ 1320

This course is ideal for learners who are in a hurry and prefer to learn in an intense style, and  want to avoid the many weeks or months of regular weekly lessons.

Generally scheduled over one week, and generally start on a Monday with a test  at the end of the week.

Driving Tuition provided is 32 hours, and includes a Driving Test Fee 

Semi Intensive Driving Course

£ 1220

This course is similar to the One Week Intensive Driving Course, the difference is the tuition is spread over 2 or 3 weeks.

This is the most popular form of intensive course, and is designed for learners who want to learn quickly, but at a more comfortable pace.
Lessons are typically scheduled over a few weeks, and scheduling can be more flexible, but generally two hours each day.

The Semi Intensive course gives the pupil more time to relax and reflect on each day’s lesson, instead of the full six hours of driving that the Intensive course plans for, which can be too much for many learners.

Driving Tuition provided is 32 hours, and includes a Driving Test Fee 

Part Trained Driving Course

£ 850

This course is ideal for learners who have already learned the basic control skills need to drive a car.

You many have had previous lessons with another driving instructor or gained experience with a family member who was supervising your driving.

Driving Tuition provided is 22 hours, and includes a Driving Test Fee 

Test Refresher Driving Course

£ 690

This course is for learners who are nearing driving test standard and need a short burst of lessons with a prior to a Driving Test.

It is also ideal for learners who have had a previous attempt at the driving test and are looking to restart their tuition, or work on any development points raised during the driving test.

Driving Tuition provided is 17 hours, and includes a Driving Test Fee